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All Things Goddessy

About Me

Hello I'm Crystal Sylvester founder of All Things Goddessy. So a little bit about me. I am a certified Co-Active Life Coach(CPCC), a 200 hour certified Yoga instructor, a Licensed Zumba Instructor and a Goddess shuga!

What'a more amazing than living a magical life? What's more powerful than  awakening our inner goddess?  

Along my journey I've been many things.  A teenaged mom, a young wife, a successful salon owner, and a young widow.   I've since remarried, become a certified Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC), licensed Zumba instructor, a 200 hour certified Yoga instructor.  THEN the pandemic hit and I've expanded to add online boutique owner( All Things Goddessy on Etsy), meditation teacher and  an online teaching platform on Patreon.  WHEW chile, that's a lot but in all of this I've learned one powerful lesson:  How to live a magical life, no matter where life takes you. 

I've learned that doing All Things Goddessy a something we do mind, body and soul.   It's what happens when we decide to own the power and see the magic that lies within.  It's what happens when we cultivate a deep and profound love for ourselves and our bodies. It's what happens when we see, embrace and celebrate our value and our unique beauty. It's what happens when we decide tt, not only turn our magic on, we tun it ALL the way UP!   It's deciding to live every aspect of our lives boldly, powerfully and magically like the ageless, limitless, beautiful Goddesses that we are, shuga!  Because we are worthy of no less and I am so honored to share this journey with you.

Much love,

Crystal Sylvester, CPCC, RYT

*Certified Co-Active Life Coach

*Owner of All Things Goddessy Online Store

*200RYT Yoga Instructor

*Licensed Zumba Instructor

Be Ageless. Be Beautiful. Be All Things Goddessy.

All Things Goddessy....