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All Things Goddessy

All Things Goddessy

  Yoni Egg 1o1 Workshop

Did you know that using a Yoni Egg can strengthen the pelvic floor and support you in maintaining healthy reproductive organs? Mmm Hmm! It can also enhance sexuality, tighten and tone the walls of the yoni (vagina) and increase your sexual pleasure, leading to more intense orgasms. Yaasssss!!! 

Oh and it can also assist you in balancing your hormones, preventing the decline of nerves in the bladder and uterus, there by preventing and/or remedying urinary incontinence.

Yoni Egg training can increase blood flow to the vagina, which helps keep the tissue healthy and encourages lubrication. And that's no all, shuga! It targets the muscles of the pelvic floor that support the rectum, vagina, and the urethra, helping to keep the pelvic floor muscles healthy and strong. Now, add awakening your feminine power to the mix and baby, what are you waiting for?I 

You ready Goddesses?! In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to start your Yoni Egg training. From information on various crystals, how to clean and recharge your yoni egg, all the way to actual exercises that you can start doing right away. Get ready my Gorgeous Goddesses, we are about to have a yoni good time!

New Dates and time TBA

Love the Skin You're In

Hello you Gorgeous Goddesses! Are you ready to learn how to make your own DIY skincare product AND feel like a goddess at tha same darn time?!? In order to live, feel and thrive like the goddess that we are, we gotta love the skin we're in. Get ready to learn how to make your very own DIY skin care products but that only part one, ohhhhh but there's more!

We all know its pretty hard to feel like a goddess when we don't make time for ourselves and don't make ourselves a priority. The way we nurture, take time for and love on our bodies determines how much we actually experience 'loving the skin we're in'. THIS is why it is so important that we have self love rituals. Daily self love routines will change ya' life, boo!

In this workshop you will learn how to make simple DIY skin care products AND then create a powerful daily self-love ritual to use with each one. Get ready to love the skin you're in! .

Dates and Times TBA